Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are & What We Do

 Sandi, Art & Thistle      

Are you looking for “outside-the-box” art, design and/or decorating ideas?  Well, so are we, and we’ve made a lifetime career out of it!


Sandi, Art & Thistle (Thistle is the one in the middle) –

She is a street rescue from Baja, Mexico, and you can read her tale here.


WHO WE ARE – A Lifetime Passion & Pursuit

Our original company, Loose Ends was born in 1988 in our kitchen, as a way to indulge our passion for all of the above PLUS travel!  My husband, Art and I traveled the world, discovering and bringing back the most unusual home décor and accessories that we could find, with a special emphasis on organic and natural materials.

Bamboo Stuff-350W

Loose Ends grew beyond our wildest dreams to include clients like Steven Spielberg, Bill Crosby, Disney, Starz Entertainment and others of similar ilk.  For many years our unusual ideas lead to numerous guest television appearances by me (Sandi Reinke) on “how-to” shows such as The Christopher Lowell Show and The Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, DIY, Discover Channel, etc.

 Sandi-Carol-color correction-325W

But eventually we started to focus less on finished products and more on the handcrafted “raw” materials that creative people could use in their own ways.  Loose Ends Unleashed is the offshoot of our original company and was launched to focus on these more personal passions – the sourcing of the most exciting and unusual handmade papers, fibers and associated ephemera for artists, designers, craftspeople and “creatives” of all kinds.

Travel & Shop!

Does it get any better than this?  For 20+ years my husband Art (can you believe I actually had the foresight to marry a man named ART?) and I have traveled the world looking for cool stuff, haunting everything from international trade shows to the remotest villages in some very out-of-the way places – always searching out creative ideas, that if not on the outermost fringe, certainly hovering precariously near.

Art, (the concept, not the husband) ideas lead to design and project ideas which lead to product ideas, which lead to more art ideas, which lead to TV appearances, which lead to MORE ideas, which lead to OTHER product ideas,, which lead to  . . . . . well, you get the “idea”.

So – briefly  that is WHO WE ARE.


WHAT WE DO  – & What to Expect Here

This site is divided into some logical (to us) segments.


 swatch-paper collage 1


MARKETPLACE is our place for you to (what else?) SHOP!  Loose Ends Unleashed Store is chuck full of handmade papers, unusual natural materials, organic fibers, exotic textiles, seashells and other organic embellishments, unique ties & trims, and one of my personal – Fake Fish (just because I LOVE em!)

String O' Fish-400H


This has always been a bit of a self-indulgent business, so if Art or I falls in love with something, you will probably see it show up here!

 SJ56 seaweed window trnasparent-350H


BLOG  is our place for ideas, “how-to” projects, info on papers, fibers, etc., other artists we love, odd thoughts, decorating ideas, out-of-the-way bits of wisdom, maybe a bit of a travel log, little known or strange facts and interesting (to us) observations,. – basically the flotsam and jetsam of our mental meanderings that we think might be worthy of sharing with like-minded folk.

Here you will also find the ongoing saga of Thistle (she’s the one in the middle), our Mexican street-dog rescue family member.  Here you will also find one of my favorites – Random Acts of Art (or Art is Where you Find It).


GALLERY is our place for our artwork – what we do and how we do it.  An every evolving venue, I love to share things I discover either in my own studio, or out in the world at large (Nature particularly is a never ending source of inspiration). Our Gallery “Album” is a quick way to see photos, then click for more info.

Tiger Nautilus Seabowl 2-400WBarnacle Bay in Ocean 9 cropped 500W


Collage w-Fragments-500Wcropped

Nature particularly is a never ending source of inspiration.  I am also drawn to anything that is cast off or that can be re-invented into something else, so of course coastal flotsam and jetsam, old papers, books, fibers, etc. are all grist for the mill.

We consider this site an ever evolving “snapshot in time” of where we are at the moment.  Our anticipation is that you will find information, inspiration and cool “stuff” for the creative journey of your life!

And that is WHAT WE DO!

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