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Maybe it would be easier to tell you what you WON’T find in our Creative Projects Category !!!

Of course handmade paper and all kinds of interesting fibers will play a big role – but I have to tell you – all kinds of things get us excited, and as we come across some “thing” it starts us on a whole new train of thought which leads us to another idea, and then a “what if we” – well, I’m sure lots of you know what I mean here.

And of course there is the organic stuff – I have always said that if it isn’t moving under its own steam or nailed down (and even that is no guarantee) then I am likely to pick it up.  Driftwood, seashells, fossils, strange plants, moss, sticks, bones, even dead insects – all of it is grist for the creative mill.

And since our focus as we traveled overseas for the business was frequently “raw” material, we had the opportunity to explore how other cultures might use these items, and that too led us to new ideas.   Often the local art projects or craft work would start a whole new train of inspiration.


Fairy Floor Cloth V.V1280.In fact, often our trade show booths were so full of our ideas that customers had no idea what we were actually selling (that’s the bad news).  But the good news is that our trade show booths were so full of our unusual  ideas that HGTV and Carol Duvall discovered us, invited us to do our “loose ends” thing on her show, and that led to all kinds of other invitations on many other “how-to” TV shows.

So – I don’t know about a picture being worth a thousand words, but I do think that a few quick shots probably is better than me trying to explain what all we might include here as we go along on this blog journey.


garden diva

garden diva

Fish Plate-Handpainted Calypso Papers 1100px

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