Handmade Paper

Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is both our business and our passion.  Made from a huge variety of natural botanical materials, the diversity of texture, natural coloration, visible fiber, etc. is limitless. Art and I travel overseas to find our papermakers and we now (after 20 years) know most of them personally.  We have to fall in love with the piece before we add it to our extensive inventory of papers. As an artist, I am most interested in color, texture and other visual qualities, and therefore we have organized our papers into “Collections” that express similar qualities.  Hopefully you will find this arrangement helpful.  Handmade Paper Collections takes you directly to our handmade papers for browsing and shopping Marketplace Store will take you to our entire store where you can find unusual fibers, textiles and other assorted cool things, along with our extensive handmade paper collection.  Handmade Paper category in this Blog site, looseendspaperandart.com will take you to some of our ideas on paper projects for artists/craftspeople. Whether you are a collage/mixed media artist, a designer, maybe make handmade cards,  or are just someone who loves paper (lots of us paper freaks out here) we think you will discover some unusual and exciting offerings   Handmade paper composite-459W

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