“Oysters by Candlelight” #1

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“Oysters by Candlelight” #1

“Oysters by Candelight” #1 is a unique “sculpture” in an ongoing series of smaller Seabowls that allows candlelight (real or artificial) to glow  and flicker through unexpected places.

These pieces grow primarily around the discarded shells of the large Northwest Pacific oyster.  These wonderfully unusual oyster clusters (from consumed oysters) often incorporate rocks or other shell bits, with each shell and/or cluster forming its own distinctive and entirely natural sculpture with its own “personality”.  It is this quality that I want to capture, the innate uniqueness of each shell or cluster, which then suggests to me how the rest of the Seabowl will evolve.

“Oysters by Candlelight #1 measures 11-1/2″ x 7″ high x 9″

"Oysters by Candlelight" #1

“Oysters by Candlelight” #1

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  1. Love seeing the creative projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

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