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I was genetically programmed to hunt & gather the refuse of Mother Nature.  Moss twigs, feathers, (sometimes the dead bird itself) rocks, lichen, and especially the flotsam & jetsam of the oceans.  My earliest memories as a child are of walking on Oregon beaches, bent over to find and collect agates, red and yellow jasper, the rare and treasured teredo worm wood, seaweeds, starfish, driftwood and, of course seashells!  My family has been known to rent a U-Haul halfway through a vacation to bring home a particularly wonderful (but HUGE) piece of driftwood.- (or a cache of 115 sets of deer antlers liberated from an old machinery shed they had been adorning for 20 years).

This penchant for “picking up” wonderful stuff has not diminished with the passing of time, but today I want the unique beauty of these pieces to be seen in a new way, or perhaps just be seen period.  I want to give them a new life and perhaps a new identity as they become the inspiration and an integral part of a piece of organic artwork.

The Seabowls fulfill this mandate.  They take their shape and “personality” from the different materials that want to be part of any particular piece.  Each Seabowl “grows”  and evolves in what I experience as a very organic process.  The end result is often as much a revelation to me as to anyone else.

Occasionally “people stuff” (usually much the worse for wear), are discovered during my foraging.  These items too may find a way into the right piece.

And that’s basically it – no really deep and insightful soul searching reasons for doing what I do  – it’s just what I do.


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