Our Gallery is the “landing place” for Art’s and my personal artwork. Here we share what inspires us, and how we express it. I am a “gatherer” by both genetic programming and personal proclivity.  Somehow I was fortunate enough to meet and marry Art, a man with both a fortuitous name, and a penchant for adventure, travel, wandering and, after a bit of persuasion, “gathering”.

Gallery Composite

My personal artwork is inspired by the natural (& sometimes the un-natural) world around me.  Organic flotsam & jetsam along with “found” materials play a major role in what I create.  My focus is primarily in collage, mixed media and 3-dimensional pieces, incorporating the above elements along with (of course) handmade papers, the super stars of our Loose Ends Unleashed store.

Art enjoys collage & sandpainting, but is particularly interested in finding unusual rocks, stones & raw driftwood  then working with them to accent and define their unique characteristics & natural beauty.

Our Gallery can be accessed in a variety of ways.  Gallery “Album” is a quick “point & click” photo album inclusive of all media.  You can also go to a specific media by going to that subject:  Seabowls, Collage, etc.  You can access these links here (below) or from the top bar menu on any page.





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