“Barnacle Bay”

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“Barnacle Bay”

Barnacles are a common site on Pacific Northwest beaches, and I am endlessly fascinated with them.

The different colonies and “clusters” that I find are almost always i the company of the blue or bay mussels that are so plentiful o the Oregon coast.  Each cluster has its own “personality” and wants to be used in a particular configuration, with each piece evolving and “growing” as the shells, barnacles and various bits of coastal  flotsam  & jetsam  take form in the piece.  Natural seaweed meanders around & through the 18″” x 7″ x 11-1/2″ Seabowl.

Mixed media – natural barnacles, Blue mussels, seaweeds, wire, plaster, handmade papers.


"Incoming Seabowl"

“Incoming Seabowl”

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